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Super-violence: the “medium” choice

As you walk in to a fast food joint and order some fries, you can sometimes only choose between “Medium” and “Large”. Not many ponder on why there is no “Small” if there is a “Medium”, but we can all agree that something is missing. This doesn’t only happen in the fast food industry but also in the entertainment industry. We are all familiar with violence and even ultra-violence, but what about super-violence? As A Clockwork Orange hit the theatres a new term was coined: ultra-violence. Parents were outraged, schools became afraid of gangs forming and committees were established to protect people from this horrible abomination called ultra-violence. The movie contained graphic violence and lacked moral values. It was a huge leap from regular violence often depicted in movies. But nobody questioned that leap. Nobody questioned what even happened to super-violence. People were too busy being horrified. But the truth is that ultra-violence was a construction created by several censorship authorities as their futile attempts with super-violence never worked. As long as man has existed, scapegoats have existed along side with us. Before videogames, there were movies, and before movies it was Rock n’ Roll and Jazz and way back it was books. As people pull insane acts and do horrible things to others we can’t understand why they do it, so we blame it on something. Like a book, or music or a movie, saying that the movie corrupt people’s minds and make them kill others. This makes it easier for people to deal with the situation. Toward the end of the 1960s, due to the hippie era and the Vietnam war, people became more accustom to violence and lack of moral values so it became hard to blame massacres and rape on movies or books. Something new became necessary so that people wouldn’t have to look within themselves. Several censorship authorities realised this and decided that something needed to be done, someone had to turn up the volume, so they created super-violence. They figured that movies, which were largely popular at the time, maybe could be even more violent and be stripped of values and virtues so that the population once again could be at internal peace. By creating a subsidiary called the Allondo Film Company they invested in several movies to hopefully create violent movies so that we once again could blame stuff on something. The Wild Bunch was one of the first new movies that included “super-violence”. The censorship authorities however, failed miserably. As The Wild Bunch took place in the wild west people didn’t get hardly as upset as the Allondo Film Company had hoped for. Everybody knew that the Wild West was violent and the whole concept of super-violence faded away. The authorities didn’t know what to do. Super-violence was a failure but people still sought scapegoats and people became afraid of themselves. The Allondo Film Company moved to England and changed name to PPR Entertainment and invested in a new director called Stanley Kubrick. Apparently he wanted to do a movie with extreme violence and more or less no moral values: a movie with super-violence just like The Wild Bunch. But PPR Entertainment stepped in and contributed with money and discussed with Kubrick if not the movie would benefit from even more violence. Maybe even ultra-violence. This time the authorities wouldn’t do any mistakes and as A Clockwork Orange hit the theatres people, families and committees once again could join in protest with their fingers pointed towards Hollywood. The ultra-violence was born thanks to the extreme violence the movie depicted but also because the movie took place in the future, which scared people, as they believed that, it was where we were headed. Super-violence was quickly forgotten and later even hid from the history books. Instead ultra-violence inherited the throne as the #1 scapegoat.


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The old Switcheroo

We live our lives believing that we are aware of our surroundings. We feel safe and gladly put our life in the hands of our government. We think we know. But we are blissfully oblivious.

The Vietnam war had its origin in the Cold War conflict that emerged in 1955 and continued on to 1975 (and even into the 90s). What we call the “Vietnam War” (the one which all movies are based on) started in the early 1960s. Vietnam is a rather small country in Asia which holds a few industries and some farming. And it is similar in shape when compared to, hmm, let’s say Mexico! As the conflict escalated Soviet planned to invade the US via Latin America. But the CIA managed to thwart their plans as they entered Mexico via Cuba. But the Soviets stood ground, new Soviet soldiers entered the country and what was called the “Vietnam war” actually began in Mexico. So far the Soviets kept rather quiet but it was just a matter of time before a full-scale war was at hand. There were just two problems with this situation, according to the US government.

1) Mexico was dangerously close to US soil and there was a risk that the war could enter the US. This presented a risk that US citizens could get caught/hurt in the conflict.

2) To gain the American public’s trust and goodwill in any kind of war, a certain physical distance need to exist between the average Joe and the actual war. If people wouldn’t root for the war, no more money could be given to the military, navy and marines. Basically: budgets would collapse, and the following years, the US military would be forced to make do with about 10% of the original military budget as the Korea war never had the same abilities to generate any cash. The Soviets were a “real” threat and could be a worthy foe, a foe that was already hated and feared in the US.

The “Vietnam war” was rather contained but US officials within the military understood that it was like a growing pimple that would sooner or later burst. It couldn’t be kept in the dark anymore. This was 1958 and something needed to be done. As Vietnam was found to be similar in shape and both countries had coast lines, a crazy scheme was evolving of switching the two countries, thus providing a facade and the possibility to go public with what would be called the “Vietnam war”. So basically the war was real, but it took place in Mexico, but in the same location as Vietnam.

The plan would to be carried out on new years eve in 1959. It was believed that most people would be occupied with celebrations or similar. Since early 1958 Alexo Nature Resources Inc. (a government subsidiary) had been investigated alongside both the Mexican and Vietnam borders for “further research about alleged gas sources”. No one suspected anything, especially not that what was really happening was that Mexico and Vietnam were detached and were being prepared for transport.

On new years eve the plan was to commence. The US was working in the dark and no other country knew about their plan, and the idea was to keep it that way. What one must remember is that during the 1950s we didn’t have that state of advanced surveillance and communications that are available now. So the US, who controlled some larger parts of the two main oceans made sure that a minimum of traffic occurred during their operation. As it was new years eve, few boats were out to sea.

250 tugboats per country were used to transport respective country to their new location. As it took some time to attach each country once they were moved, Alexo Nature Resources Inc. simply continued their “extensive research”. At first no one realized what had happened. And no one were about to either. The war could now continue and the US government went public, declaring war on anything that would, in the end, generated dollars. In the 60s, no Americans visited Mexico and had hardly heard about Vietnam, so it became a rather easy lie to maintain. The Vietnamese and Mexican public hardly noticed the change and after a few years when Soviet had realized what had happened their ramblings about “countries that switched placed” was easily dismissed as propaganda.

Years went by, presidents got murdered, Bay of Pigs took place and Steve McQueen drove a really fast car.

When closing in on 1975, communications and surveillance had been upgraded and the risk of being exposed increased so the US government decided it was time to end the war. Mexico and Vietnam once again switched places and the secret was buried with the end of the war. Other conspiracies such as the Watergate made the public shift focus and to maintain the lie Hollywood started to produce a lot (I mean a lot!) of films depicting the “Vietnam war”.

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The latest buzz

Sometime in the very late 70s Barry Manilow was kidnapped and sedated, taken from his home and went missing for two days. Upon returning nothing seemed different and he couldn’t remember where he’d been. After a while life went back to its usual routine of parties, lighter drugs, women and, most importantly, concerts! What Barry Manilow didn’t knew was that a small transmitter had been placed inside his nose. He had been chosen due to his rather large nose and that he were more popular than ever before. The transmitter didn’t disturb Barry Manilow in any particular way, and the people attending his concerts didn’t seem to notice the transmitter (as it was hidden in his cave-like nostrils), and they weren’t suppose to. The transmitter’s purpose was to transmit a low-frequency buzzing sound that got amplified via Barry Manilow’s microphone. Humans weren’t able to pick-up the sound, at least not consciously, but unconsciously the frequency penetrated peoples brains telling them to sign up to join NASA.

The US government needed cadets for the Space program as they believed that the final battle of the Cold War would take place in space. This was of course wrong, but during this time the US people and government were extremely paranoid. There was one problem though; people needed to be subjected to the buzzing sound more than once for the brain wash to take effect, and in the early 80s Barry Manilow’s popularity collapsed, causing less and less people to attend his concerts. As people hadn’t been subjected enough to the low-frequency buzz, not attending the sufficient amount of concerts, people forgot all about NASA and their plans they had on leaving their regular lives and families and instead joining the Space race.

The transmitter was then instead placed in more or less successful one-hit-wonders such as The Buggles, Bobby McFerrin and The Weather Girls. But non of these artists/groups achieved the needed popularity to get the audience to visit more than 2-3 concerts. And the US government are terrible at recognizing talent when it comes to music so the project became terminated in 1988, then the paranoia had more or less vanished and space wasn’t interesting any more. Instead it was fitness shows and muscle man contests that rocked the world!

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STAR WARS tried to warn us!

The original STAR WARS trilogy is actually a warning sent from ourself in the future. However, the makers of the warning didn’t realize that we (back in the 70s) couldn’t comprehend those VFX and SFX used in the warning. They tried to make the warning as realistic as possible, but we just thought it looked cool. But what was the warning? What did they want to tell us? And how about the later trilogy (episode 1-3)?

The answer to the last question is of course money. George Lucas, who was the finder (not the creator) of the original trilogy, claimed it as his own. Everybody has always wondered who George Lucas possibly could have created all those cool effects, the answer is that he didn’t. They were already there. That is also the reason to the lapse between the original trilogy and the new one, it was first in 1998-99 possible to create similar effects.

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away. WRONG! It was actually in OUR galaxy, those introductory words was added by George Lucas. But he didn’t remove the text in the beginning telling us about the political problems causing war in the future (an exact date is impossible to decide). The warning consist of the evil Lord Vader (former politician) who leads a war; good against evil (but which side is which?). Two sides with different ideologies fight each other. This is nothing new, we’ve seen it daily for decades. But the difference lies in the causalities. Even if wars like WWII killed a lot of people, it is nothing compared to the war that STAR WARS depict. The star wars (as it came to be called) took over billions of lives, whole planets were eradicated. After the star wars, economy, homes and life as we know it was destroyed. The universe never recuperated. We basically ruined the universe. A handful of people who survived this horrific holocaust managed to re-create the events, and send them back in time to warn us. Problems, however, occurred; they sent too far back in time. It was supposed to just go ten years back so that the responsible people could learn from their not yet made mistakes. But instead WE got the warning. Now we must figures out in which year it takes place. We must prevent this tragedy.

The evidence are there; the ships, laser sabres, the plot, the force. All tell the tale of a distant future, not some kind of sci-fi movie created by a flannel wearing director. It is preposterous to not see what the three “films” are trying to tell us. And of course we also need to stop George Lucas, profiting on other people’s misery.

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How the storch stole childbirth

Everybody knows about the story of how the storch delivers babies. We’ve seen it in movies, cartoons, comics and about all other media has surely in some way mentioned it. Children often gets to learn about how to storch delivers babies to the anticipating parents. When we grow up we learn that this was merely a tale to cover up how bloody and slime-covered a birth really is. But I can now reveal the truth about the storch and its origin, because childbirth is a hoax, a construction that ones was, but now just keeps us in the dark.

About 300 years ago, when animals talked and lived side by side with humans (I’ll get into that in a later post), a deal was made. The humans felt that the burden of childbirth, causing both pain and death, was something they’ll be glad to get rid off. A formal, public question was asked to the animal kingdom, if anyone could inherit the burden. The only one that replied was the storch, an animal that up until then was totally unknown.

Rules and restrictions was set up, and it was decided that the storch were to deliver babies, instead of humans being burden with childbirth. 200 years passed by, and the story of the storch-deal started to fade from people’s memories, the deal only lived on due to the Storch Baby Society (SBS) that was the keepers of the deal and the truth.The SBS noticed that people started to feel more and more strongly for the classical childbirth and wanted regular births again, as they started to forget about the deal. However, the human body had lost its strength as it never gave birth any more, so instead a hoax and a lie started to take form, to cover up the human mistake, and keeping peoples bodies from deteriorating when becoming pregnant. If not, the human race were to be erased from the face of the earth as we weren’t able to procreate.

This may seem hard to believe but it is done every day all over the world (except Cuba). When a woman believes she’s pregnant she visits the doctor who gives her an injection causing her belly to swell. Nine months later a new injection, with an incubation period of 3-6 weeks, causes the woman great pain and bleeding. At the hospital another injection, that is said to be for the pain that is actually a drug, causes the woman to be dizzy and not aware of the world around her (of course large parts of the medical community is in on the hoax), not noticing that the storch delivers her baby. The husbands was up until the 50s-60s not allowed to witness the birth, and was instead detained in a room smoking. But as the climate of equality changed, SBS changed the drug from liquid to a gas that is released in the air inside the delivery room (doctors and nurses are of course immune).

Now and then you hear stories of how someone has given birth at home or in a taxi, but these are just lies created to make the public believe in natural births.

One might ask if any harm is done, but the real loser is the storch who doesn’t get credited for its work.


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Project Hammer!

In 1975 the US government had problems with their PR since the Vietnam war didn’t turn out OK, and the US people and large parts of the rest of the world protested regularly against USA and the war. The US wanted to get a new image and gain some new global friends as large parts of the world had turn their back on them. In South America the climate was less hostile so USA decide to turn their focus on them. Now they wanted to help rather than kill (an idea sprung from one the president advisers at a lunch meeting). They took a look at South America and discovered their need for housing, and at the same time the high quota of unemployment. They started Project Hammer.

Project Hammer was the idea to supply lumber, tools and other carpentry equipment to larger companies (companies not even involved in construction) so that they in turn could hire unemployed people to build homes for the homeless. USA would also provide money so the companies could pay their workers, and also access to some architects for designing larger villas to be sold to the richer parts of South America. In this way, the unemployed got work, the homeless got homes and the companies got a small profit, and everybody got to ease their conscious. But no one had taken Bossa Nova into the equation.

In the 70s Bossa Nova was hip, cool, suave and chic, all at once. And more and more venues for Bossa Nova was built. The companies saw a chance to earn not just some money, but ALOT of money. So instead of houses for the homeless they used the architects and supplies to build Bossa Nova scenes and clubs, and also house for the growing (and rich) population of Bossa Nova musicians and artist. The homeless remained homeless, and the unemployed never got hired, because young children was cheaper to hire.

This in turn led to that the small companies grew into bigger and richer companies, Bossa Nova got a boost with all its venues, and USA got an ally in South America, maybe not in the way USA had in mind, but they were just glad that somebody liked them. The losers became the homeless and unemployed, but most of all the hired children. The children got paid lousy and due to the extra strong glue used in the construction (the glue needs to be extra strong due to the heat) they got addicted via the fumes.

Later on when Bossa Nova start to withdraw from the popular music scene these “glue boys” was the only remains of Project Hammer. They were addicted to the glue, but it was not commonly used any more in construction, so to get a hold of it became an expensive chore. This kids in turn became homeless, and once again the gap between rich and poor grew. Today most companies have gone belly up, and USA has once again lost an ally as they deny their involvement in the creation of the “glue boys”.

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Dot theft update

I have, in my possession, an extract from the “dot-Bible” in the process of being translated from Non-dot-US-English (NDUE). I have just a small part from Genesis, but this only shows that there are others out there that are also set on exposing the thievery of the dots. Observe the truth!

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Peter Minuit: The dot stealer!

As some might not now, the Swedish language (among many) uses “dots” on some of their letters, such as Å, Ä and Ö. In the English language the only letter that makes use of the dot is the letter “i”. But the reason for this difference between the English language and many other languages has a reasonable explanation, an explanation that has been hidden from the public for over 300 years. The reason for the missing dots is nothing else than simple thievery.

Around the 1620s the Dutch explorer Peter Minuit (see picture) was about to travel to America. Minuit has to most people been known as the man who bought Manhattan from the Indians, but he didn’t only purchase Manhattan. The Swedish king Gustav II Adolf, together with other kings across Europe, had contacted Minuit and offered him a hefty sum of money (and a small castle in northern Germany) if he could lay his hands on the dots. Gustav II Adolf had slowly started to turn insane and was convinced that America would turn into a large enemy and if they would lose their dots, his power would remain status quo, and America instead would slowly die out.

Minuit accepted the offer, and managed to buy the dots for 1 dollar from the Indians. What Minuit didn’t stop to ponder upon was the actual owner of the dots. Indians who are a smart people realised that Minuit didn’t think straight and he made a mistake buying the dots from them when the dots actually belonged to the immigrants and cowboys. The word of the now sold dots however travelled fast and within a year the dots was completely removed from the English language (note: this concerns US-English, not British-English, the British people turned its back to dots in 1134).

Minuit returned victorious and King Gustav II Adolf was pleased. The rest is as they say; history. Until the late 1900s when the truth started to surface. Bands such as Motörhead starts to take the dots back and a version of the bible with dots has begun it’s journey to completion. But this was so long ago, who owns America’s dots now? The Swedish king, Peter Minuit’s relatives? And why has this been covered up, was there really some power in the “dots”?

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