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Meerkats and Lemurs are the same animal. There is no difference between the two animals except when seen from different angles. I made this discovery at Berlin Zoo where I saw some Meerkats in a small holding area.

As I was passing them by I fell and landed on the ground, this is when I discovered the horrendous truth: the Meerkats had change into Lemurs. When I stood up again they changed back. Everything has to do in which angle you observe the animal. This may seem hard to believe, due to the fact that many people must have seen the animal in different angles. But I believe that Lemurs/Meerkats have the ability to alter peoples perception, and in some way control the vision/angle of the human eye/mind. But when I fell I somehow managed to “hot wire” around their ability and see what was really there. The Lemur/Meerkat can hopefully not dupe more people and I implore people to seek within to blow the lid of this deceiving animal.

Here is the same animal seen from different angles.



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