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Jesus’s date

As Jesus walked the sandy streets of Nazareth, performing some miracles here and there, he didn’t were a tool belt, instead he spread dates around him. The carpenter approach is in fact a façade, applied on the Jesus legend as Christianity spread throughout the world. Carpentry around 20 A.D wasn’t that common, as many houses were carved out of mountains or made from clay. The nomad lifestyle was much more accepted so not everybody had houses and leprosy was rather popular too, forcing people to live on the streets. Instead, Jesus made his living growing and selling dates. He had obtained a date field in his teens, where he harvested dates to be sold on the market. This doesn’t change whether he was God’s son or not, or if he performed miracles, but nevertheless, the image of Jesus as a carpenter his distorted.

The reason for altering Jesus occupation is the lack of date-popularity in the world during the 10th century. Dried fruits were something for the rich, and common peasants had never heard of it. But it was these peasants who were the main demographic for the new Christian church rising in Europe. To make Jesus both almighty, but still “regular”, it was decided that it would be beneficial if Jesus had a job. Jesus of course had a job, but to be able connect with common folks the church decided to alter reality. Not only because people hadn’t heard of dates, but also because the son of God actually was an entrepreneur. A businessman one might say, something didn’t play well with hardworking peasants.

Carpentry was considered a wholesome occupation, where one gets exercise and sometimes fresh air, so it seemed like a plausible occupation for Jesus. An occupation that people could accept and somewhat embrace.

But if one thinks about it, to be a date wholesaler seems more credible as this would allow Jesus to plan his own time, so he could perform miracles, travel and whatnot.


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