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STAR WARS tried to warn us!

The original STAR WARS trilogy is actually a warning sent from ourself in the future. However, the makers of the warning didn’t realize that we (back in the 70s) couldn’t comprehend those VFX and SFX used in the warning. They tried to make the warning as realistic as possible, but we just thought it looked cool. But what was the warning? What did they want to tell us? And how about the later trilogy (episode 1-3)?

The answer to the last question is of course money. George Lucas, who was the finder (not the creator) of the original trilogy, claimed it as his own. Everybody has always wondered who George Lucas possibly could have created all those cool effects, the answer is that he didn’t. They were already there. That is also the reason to the lapse between the original trilogy and the new one, it was first in 1998-99 possible to create similar effects.

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away. WRONG! It was actually in OUR galaxy, those introductory words was added by George Lucas. But he didn’t remove the text in the beginning telling us about the political problems causing war in the future (an exact date is impossible to decide). The warning consist of the evil Lord Vader (former politician) who leads a war; good against evil (but which side is which?). Two sides with different ideologies fight each other. This is nothing new, we’ve seen it daily for decades. But the difference lies in the causalities. Even if wars like WWII killed a lot of people, it is nothing compared to the war that STAR WARS depict. The star wars (as it came to be called) took over billions of lives, whole planets were eradicated. After the star wars, economy, homes and life as we know it was destroyed. The universe never recuperated. We basically ruined the universe. A handful of people who survived this horrific holocaust managed to re-create the events, and send them back in time to warn us. Problems, however, occurred; they sent too far back in time. It was supposed to just go ten years back so that the responsible people could learn from their not yet made mistakes. But instead WE got the warning. Now we must figures out in which year it takes place. We must prevent this tragedy.

The evidence are there; the ships, laser sabres, the plot, the force. All tell the tale of a distant future, not some kind of sci-fi movie created by a flannel wearing director. It is preposterous to not see what the three “films” are trying to tell us. And of course we also need to stop George Lucas, profiting on other people’s misery.


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