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Peter Minuit: The dot stealer!

As some might not now, the Swedish language (among many) uses “dots” on some of their letters, such as Å, Ä and Ö. In the English language the only letter that makes use of the dot is the letter “i”. But the reason for this difference between the English language and many other languages has a reasonable explanation, an explanation that has been hidden from the public for over 300 years. The reason for the missing dots is nothing else than simple thievery.

Around the 1620s the Dutch explorer Peter Minuit (see picture) was about to travel to America. Minuit has to most people been known as the man who bought Manhattan from the Indians, but he didn’t only purchase Manhattan. The Swedish king Gustav II Adolf, together with other kings across Europe, had contacted Minuit and offered him a hefty sum of money (and a small castle in northern Germany) if he could lay his hands on the dots. Gustav II Adolf had slowly started to turn insane and was convinced that America would turn into a large enemy and if they would lose their dots, his power would remain status quo, and America instead would slowly die out.

Minuit accepted the offer, and managed to buy the dots for 1 dollar from the Indians. What Minuit didn’t stop to ponder upon was the actual owner of the dots. Indians who are a smart people realised that Minuit didn’t think straight and he made a mistake buying the dots from them when the dots actually belonged to the immigrants and cowboys. The word of the now sold dots however travelled fast and within a year the dots was completely removed from the English language (note: this concerns US-English, not British-English, the British people turned its back to dots in 1134).

Minuit returned victorious and King Gustav II Adolf was pleased. The rest is as they say; history. Until the late 1900s when the truth started to surface. Bands such as Motörhead starts to take the dots back and a version of the bible with dots has begun it’s journey to completion. But this was so long ago, who owns America’s dots now? The Swedish king, Peter Minuit’s relatives? And why has this been covered up, was there really some power in the “dots”?


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