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Sometime in the very late 70s Barry Manilow was kidnapped and sedated, taken from his home and went missing for two days. Upon returning nothing seemed different and he couldn’t remember where he’d been. After a while life went back to its usual routine of parties, lighter drugs, women and, most importantly, concerts! What Barry Manilow didn’t knew was that a small transmitter had been placed inside his nose. He had been chosen due to his rather large nose and that he were more popular than ever before. The transmitter didn’t disturb Barry Manilow in any particular way, and the people attending his concerts didn’t seem to notice the transmitter (as it was hidden in his cave-like nostrils), and they weren’t suppose to. The transmitter’s purpose was to transmit a low-frequency buzzing sound that got amplified via Barry Manilow’s microphone. Humans weren’t able to pick-up the sound, at least not consciously, but unconsciously the frequency penetrated peoples brains telling them to sign up to join NASA.

The US government needed cadets for the Space program as they believed that the final battle of the Cold War would take place in space. This was of course wrong, but during this time the US people and government were extremely paranoid. There was one problem though; people needed to be subjected to the buzzing sound more than once for the brain wash to take effect, and in the early 80s Barry Manilow’s popularity collapsed, causing less and less people to attend his concerts. As people hadn’t been subjected enough to the low-frequency buzz, not attending the sufficient amount of concerts, people forgot all about NASA and their plans they had on leaving their regular lives and families and instead joining the Space race.

The transmitter was then instead placed in more or less successful one-hit-wonders such as The Buggles, Bobby McFerrin and The Weather Girls. But non of these artists/groups achieved the needed popularity to get the audience to visit more than 2-3 concerts. And the US government are terrible at recognizing talent when it comes to music so the project became terminated in 1988, then the paranoia had more or less vanished and space wasn’t interesting any more. Instead it was fitness shows and muscle man contests that rocked the world!


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