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Laser is a funky threat

LASER (Light Amplification by Stimulated Emissions of Radiation) is, as we speak (or actually write) being used to entertain people in Discos and Clubs all over the world. If one were to visit a disco or “discotheque” you might experience a “light show” being, more or less always, orchestrated to correspond with the music. In the 70s when Discos began to pop up all over the world they used concentrated neon which is a gas and a chemical element to create this light-shows. Neon is more or less completely safe, if you exclude the Neon-disaster in 1912 causing 4,594 casualties Africa. But as humans learned to tame the element we immediately made good use of it, creating different signs which gave us knowledge of where to buy porn. As we humans not only like to watch porn, but also engage ourselves in sexual activities we wanted to meet a mate. And the Discos of the 70s could provide this opportunity. But to increase the lust, neon (in concentrated form) was being used to entertain the masses. Neon also rose our lust and a new baby boom was approaching. But unfortunately neon costs a lot of money, and Chuck LeMourn (a disco entrepreneur and pioneer) found out that LASER could be used instead, cutting the cost in half. But with the unfortunate side effect of lowering the lust and making many people sterile, LASER was rather unsafe. But what Chuck instead discovered was that LASER increased peoples alcohol tolerance. This made people drink more and in turn making Chuck a rich man, earning his buck on drunken buffoons that focused more on Tequila instead of getting lucky, thus robbing Discotheques from its original concept of increasing sex and lust with the common man. So the next time you visit a Disco/Club make sure they only use concentrated neon instead of future threatening LASER.


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