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John Carmack – Time traveller

John Carmack is one of our times most talented computer game programmers. Constantly he stuns the industry with his ideas on how to create and make games. You might say that John Carmack is like a car repair man who takes care of the engine and other stuff that the consumers doesn’t always understand, but still can enjoy when we/they play the games he’s made.

He is probably most famous for the work he did with John Romero, when they created Quake, a game that revolutionised the FPS genre. However, I want to turn my attention to the first sentence of this post again: “John Carmack is one of our times most talented computer game programmers”. “Our times” I say, and what may I mean by that? Namely nothing more than that John Carmack is from the future!!

I believe that John Carmack arrived in our time around the late 80s where he met John Romero (who I believe is from the past, but that’s another story) and awed him with his skills when it comes to computer programming. I don’t argue that John Carmack ISN’T a wiz kid when it comes to programming, at least in our time, but in the time where he comes from, EVERYBODY can do what he does. This horrific eye opener forced Carmack to travel in time to find a date where he was more than a mediocre programmer and instead became transformed into a God. He found our time.

I cannot tell exactly what time he belongs to, but I believe that it is around 2132-2146 based on his skill, clothing, posture and choice of glasses. One might argue that John Carmack is a fraud, but not I. Without him we may have seen the release of Doom just a few years ago and instead we got Rage. So even though you have duped us John Carmack, we are in some weird way grateful.


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