Max Planck vs. Anger & Joy

What people may not know is that two of our most common emotions, namely anger and joy, are victims of a mix-up, causing the two emotions being confused with each other. Anger is in fact joy and vice versa. When we feel angry, nerve synapses travel through our brain making us angry (in layman terms), the only thing wrong with this is that the nerve synapses is actually trigging our “joy-area” of the brain, making us happy. At the same time when we feel full of joy electric impulses rushing through our body is actually making us angry not happy. This confused many scientist, it was actually so confusing that even Niels Bohr, who was in fact a physicist became attracted by the enigma. Why do we feel angry when we get happy? Why do we get happy when we are angry? Niels Bohr’s colleague Max Planck came up with the idea of simply switching names on the two emotions, calling anger joy and vice versa, so when we feel joyful we get the feeling of joy, and when we get angry we get the feeling of anger. This stopped the confusion that had puzzled the science community for many years. Max Planck actually got his Nobel prize both for the quantum theory as the name switch of anger/joy.


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